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From stumpy to stunning!

Updated: May 2, 2018

This garden just outside Hertford had a lot of old stumps down one side which drastically cut down the amount of usable space. Enter the trusty Garden Barbers, Bob and Mark to completely #redesign and #overhaul this space, create a stunning split level patio, complete with oak planter and a small #flowerbed for climbers to take advantage of the wall.

You can see the care that has been taken to cover the existing drain cover and integrate it into the #patio stones.

Teresa is "really really pleased" with her new garden she said "I ABSOLUTELY love it"

These guys loved the new look of their #garden so much they called the guys back to create a matching front step. The original step was getting shabby and didn't quite reach to the wall, leaving some wasted space and a slightly too small step. So Bob and Mark used matching stone to replace and extend the step. Now the property has a matching #design front and back, and I think there is room on that new step for a lovely pot or two of something bright and welcoming.

Stone front steps giving a sturdy yet homely welcome
If you would like a visit from the friendly Garden Barbers give us a call today.

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