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With clients who have been with us for over 35 years, Garden Barber continue to create landscapes our clients love.

Garden Barber began in Hertford in 1985 when Steven was age 17. At age 13, Steven worked every Saturday and Sunday at a growing nursery owned by a school friend's father. Here, he earned money doing piecework, being paid a penny a pot for potting bedding plants and putting them out onto the benches.

"I grew up with two very different gardens – one belonged to my parents, the other belonged to my grandparents. Actually, that's not strictly true. Both properties belonged to the local council. I was lucky enough to grow up on a council estate."


During his primary school years, Johnson travelled a lot with his father and by age 9 he had visited Germany, Belgium, Denmark, and Sweden. Johnson says his "best memories are of the many weeks I spent with my father travelling through the rugged landscapes of Norway with its mountains, fjords, and wild rivers."

Steven’s trips to Norway with his father inspired him by providing views of 'gardens' of outstanding structure and beauty on a grand scale, fuelling his imagination, and sharpening his eye for dramatic landscapes.


Your garden is an extension of your home, and so it should reflect this.


With decades of experience, locally in Hertford and as far afield as Luton and St John's Wood, we have completed a huge variety of jobs from small gardens to complex landscape jobs and from playing fields, to public green spaces. If it needs doing in a garden, we have likely done it for someone near you.


Wherever possible we source our materials locally and practice smart route planning to reduce unnecessary journeys.

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