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How to make your neighbours think your grass is always greener!

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Beautifully mown lawn, the stipes echo the design of the bi-fold doors

This might look like a simple sloped lawn but there was much more to this job than first meets the eye.

The land drops away from the sandstone patio to the end of the garden with a total fall of just over a foot. The client wanted as much level lawn as possible. To achieve this, landscape designer Antony Henn incorporated a short slope and a step.

6mm steel edging was set with concrete to hold the lawn in the desired shape. Without this structure the soil and lawn would eventually creep downhill and loose definition.



There were additional challenges with this particular job, there was no rear access, everything had to be carried through the ground floor of the property. And to add a touch more excitement, the whole groud floor had just been decorated, white! So lots of care and lots of wrapping up and stepping gingerly across dustsheets.

The finished lawn comprises of three level areas for relaxing and playing, connected by a short gentle slope and a step to match the patio and path.

To overcome the problem of having to carry all the machinery and tools through the house each time a gardener needs to visit, we installed a self contained system, keeping tools on site and composting the green waste there too.

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