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Gardens For Life, Garden On A Role

John & Olivia

Garden Maintenance Customers

Sally, Hertford

60 square-metres of block paving design

"Having known Steven and Garden Barber for over 40 years, I would thoroughly recommend them for any job."


Established in 1985, we have the confidence, experience and knowledge to design and create your ideal garden, no matter how big the project.

Your garden is an extension of you and your home.


We will work tirelessly to design and bring to life your ideal outdoor space.

All Works Guaranteed
Bespoke Garden Designs

Whether you're looking for a well-defined, modern appearance or a more natural, rustic feel we will create a space that is both practical and visually pleasing.

You will play an intrinsic part in the design and planning of a finished product you are happy with and grow to love.

Repaired Collapsing Bank

"After struggling to find someone to take this job on, I'm glad I found Garden Barber. I got exactly what I wanted and more."

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Innovative Ideas

We come to you with a comprehensive understandning of hard and soft landscaping which allows us to best utilise the space you have available and realise your ideal garden space.

It's Your Garden

At the end of the day, it's your garden and whether you want a pond or a water feature, a patio or a terrace, or even a basketball court - we have the experience and the knowledge to make your vision a reality.

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email us:

PO Box 23 Hertford Hertfordshire SG14 3PZ

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