Gardening For Money brings together Steven Johnson's full career as a commercial gardener and is packed with enough information for the reader to start and run their own successful garden maintenance business. It also tells the story of the Million Pound Garden, a large project in which Steven was called on to use his skills and a garden designer to solve a regular threat from flooding and make it look beautiful.

Snip and Clip in And Then I Met The King Of England

Garden Barber created the Children's characters Snip and Clip to inspire young people to be curious about the plants and wildlife around them. Their latest adventure takes them to Buckingham Palace where they meet the original plant ambassador His Royal Highness Prince Charles. Great gift for the little green fingers in your life. 

Gardening Shoes of Great Britain is exactly what it says on the cover. It is a quirky and affectionate look at the stories behind the shoes we choose to garden in. It contains gorgeous photography of real-life British gardeners and their beloved "Gardening Shoes". It also looks at the reasons why people garden and what it means to them to get out in the garden or allotment.

The Tree & Shrub Expert by Dr.D.G. Hessayon

A must have book for any gardener, this worldwide bestseller contains everything you need to know about over 800 varieties of tree and shrub. Including easy to follow advice on planting, pruning, training and dealing with pests and disease.

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