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Featured Projects

Reinforced sloped lawn

When mown carefully, this lawn with a gentle slope, becomes the centrepiece of the garden.

planted sleeper bed

Garden Barber worked with Anthony Henn and "Garden On A Roll" to give this garden in Hertford a makeover. We intsalled the raised sleeper beds and new brickwork and Anthony and his team planned the planting and suplied the plants.

Natural swimming pool

The Million Pound Garden. This garden was totally transformed with a full flood defence and multiple pools and waterfalls. A small hill was even created to hide the house from immediate view form the sweeping driveway to create a dramatic reveal for the visitor

Decking lawn and patio

This garden is now perfect for both cartwheels and evening catch-ups with friends.

Classic garden roller

We believe in using the best tools and sometimes the classics really are the best! (although not always)

Giant dead Oak tree

This probably the biggest trees we have tackled. It was taken down in sections until it was small enough to fell safely, even then, when it hit the ground everything shook!

Major relandscaping project

Large project for a local authority to reclaim overgrown and unusable land for their residents

stepped garden with brick walls

This steep garden was almost unusable, Garden barber created steps and tiered levels to create more outside space for this family.

St Leonard's Community Garden Bengeo

After creating this cosy garden for local residents Garden Barber found 2 young unemployed lads and trained them to maintain this corner of their local community. Both went on to find full time employment in the maintenance industry

Place House Hall

Garden Barber project managed and implemented the design of local resident Linda Williams to create a community garden in the heart of Ware

Stumpy to stunning split level

Total garden overhaul to reclaim lost space down one side. Split level patio with beautifully covered drain cover.

Curvy pond and neat lawn

Our brief was to design and install a water feature to this garden. The pond was planted with an array of water plants.

formed concrete walls

This steep garden was given a new level of usability, making the lower level fully accessible. Planted with low maintenance shrubs.


A neat and tidy fence is not only a clear boundary but gives a definite neat and tidy statement.

nice hedge soft boundry

Well maintained hedges are the backbone of English suburbia. We like to keep it that way.

The bird lovers garden

One of our long term gardens. The owners are more than capable gardeners but like a little help now and again.

planting out

Choosing the right plants is essential to the final design. And its important to know what level of maintenance the owners want to take on.

retaining walls

Sometimes we need to alter the whole shape of the garden.

Accessible pathway

Any garden needs to be accessible for the person that uses it. Here is a lovely sweeping wheelchair accessible path.

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