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Garden Barber have been maintaining both private and commercial gardens for over 30 years locally in Hertford and as far afield as Watford and Luton. 
That means literally thousands of gardens, thousands of fences and ponds and trees and walls and driveways and paths and plants and design plans. If it's needed doing in a garden we have done it for someone.
The thing about Garden Barber is we always make the effort to make your job just right. Because it's important to you, no matter how small. 
We love it when a client is happy. We save our thank you messages from happy clients because it reminds us how important it is to do all our jobs as best we can.
If you live in Hertford there is a good chance you know someone who has had a visit from one of our friendly Garden Barbers at some point.
We will always strive to provide a great service, so our clients can continue to enjoy their outside spaces.

Wherever possible we source our materials locally and practice smart route planning to reduce unnecessary journeys.


Over the years Garden Barber has employed and trained lots of local people who have then gone on to run their own successful businesses. 

Our current team consists of Steven, our founder, head designer and consultant, Bob and Mark, our core maintenance team and Stacey and Dawn in the office.

Bob and Mark are often supported by other local businesses that we hand pick for their high standards of workmanship and up to date certifications. Reed Johnson maintains several private contracts and supports both Bob and Mark and the office team.

Steven Johnson


Andrew "Bob" Barlow


Mark Johnson


Reed Johnson


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